Volunteer and Advocacy Opportunities

Not only are we committed to expanding opportunities for mental health consumers to work as peer specialists, but we also believe in the collective effort of persons with lived experience of mental illness to reshape the mental health system in Texas to one that is more consumer-centered. Consumer-Operated Service Providers (COSPs) are independent organizations that are run by and for individuals in recovery, and are another possibility for African Americans who are interested in joining their own recovery stories to a larger community service mission. 

Internship & Supervision

For Internship Seekers:

For students who are aspiring behavioral health professionals, the right internship experiences can make a positive difference to their career prospects.

We are in the process of developing a list of potential intern sites and opportunities on this website. Until then, for more information or to get connected with a potential intern site please attend the next 4ABHN meeting or contact Vicky Coffee-Fletcher at vicky.coffee-fletcher@austin.utexas.edu.

Seeking Supervision?

If you have obtained your graduate degree but are needing to accumulate hours toward licensure (for LPC, LSW, LCDC, LMFT, etc.), the following individuals and organizations are offering the required supervision.